Lessons of Montana


I’m trying not to get sucked back into political blogging. It consumed my life and my health back in the early uh-ohs. However, some aspects of the recent Montana special election are picking at me. I’m going to try to stay mostly in a political science mode.

The 2016 election was shocking for what it unmasked, but it is also mesmerizing for what it is unleashing. The critical feature of it is the tacit acknowledgement by all but the most partisan media that restoration of normalcy lies in the hands (and electoral success) of the Democrats. The Republican party has abandoned any claim to being a center-right party and is simply a force of reaction, revanchism and kleptocracy. The Democrats are needed to restore law and rationality to the nation. Thus, we’re left with this odd political punditry where the Republican’s success is unremarkable while Democratic losses are the occasion of…

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